Words from Our

Creative Director

Welcome to Dancers Workshop offering the

largest Adult Dance Program in

North Texas.

What has kept us going strong

for so long

is the belief that to develop

a “Good Dancer”

is to develop the

“Whole Dancer”:

a dancer who has

confidence, self-esteem and drive.

Our dancers become a part of

our family. We invite you to

come and try a class and

see what

Dancers Workshop has to offer.

-Barbara Mebane

Fall Michael Mayes

Be it television, movies, commercial work or Broadway, we are excited for Michael Mayes to bring his unique interpretation of contemporary and jazz to our Studio this fall. Whether it be TalentOn Parade Competition or Master Classes, Mr. Mayes is known national as a leader and trusted professional in the dance world. We are honored to have him on our staff.

He brings out your best, so register now with us to guarantee your placement in class.

Classes begin August